Pregnant Lady Whose Boyfriend Promised Marriage But lady has cried out because her boyfriend who got her pregnant has not proposed to her adding that her boyfriend had promised to marry. 

A Facebook user identified as Nnamdi Victor, has taken to the social networking platform to post a story of a confused young lady who asked for advice after she got pregnant without a marriage proposal from her boyfriend who had promised to marry her.
The young lady said that she got pregnant after her boyfriend requested to sleep with her without protection with the promise of marriage.
In a chat the 21-year-old lady sent to Victor, she revealed that she would be due to give birth in a few months and her boyfriend has not popped the question yet. The young lady asked for advice on what to do.
She said: “Am pregnant will be due in a few months time but the issue am currently facing is that the guy that got me pregnant promised to marry me but yet until now he doesn’t talk about marriage anymore. Plz what shud I do?.”
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