These motivation articles are sure to help you gain a new perspective on certain things and to look at life from a fresh point-of-view. I have no doubt that they will be of great value in helping you pursue and achieve your dreams.

Our first-born son, Shiza, came into the world on the 24th of September 2005. He was two weeks earlier than expected and weighed 3.2 kilos. As a doctor I had seen and personally delivered many babies, but he was the cutest and most perfect baby I had ever seen!

Yes, his head was a little deformed from the trauma of birth, his eyes were a little swollen and he had several red patches here and there from the bruising that is to be expected with every birth. But to me, he was perfect. He was a marvel of God’s creation.
From that very first day of his birth I have learnt several valuable lessons and some things I took for granted before have taken on a deeper meaning and significance. As I write this he is only 7 months old, but he has taught me so much already.
I know you’re probably wondering what a 7 month old baby can teach anyone. A lot – if you are willing to learn and you can see beyond the obvious.
I want to share with you some of the lessons Shiza has taught me about life. I hope they will make a difference to you and to those around you. Of-course, life is a journey and learning never ceases. I’m sure that as he gets older there will be more to learn. So keep your eyes on this section and get valuable…lessons from a baby.

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