Husband stabbed to death

A Nigerian man was yesterday morning stabbed to death by one of his wives, while he was trying to separate their fight at their home in Dirdeu, Adamawa State.

According to one Abdulrahman Njidda Yebb, who was a witness, Adamu Dewa was stabbed by his first wife of 20 years, Hauwa.

It was gathered that the mother of 5 had always threatened Adamu with death on several occasions, accusing him of favouritism and unequal treatment between her and the second wife.

This comes just days after it was reported of a particular lady who attacked and cut off her partner’s genitals after accusing him of infidelity.

The report also claimed the man killed the lady after she attacked him and killed her before he finally passed away.

According to one social media user, the shocking and sad incident was reported to have happened recently in Liberia.

A post was shared on Facebook as thus,

A girl cut her boyfriend private part in new hope Community in paynesville and the boy killed her in that moment.

Where are we heading to Liberia?

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