By Dovadje

Old photos of the garage of popular Nigerian businessman and record label owner, E-Money have emerged, and you won’t believe how it used to look. 
 E-money shared this photo online
E-Money has caused quite some stir on social media after he shared some throwback photos of his garage.
The record label owner who is known around social media for his flamboyant lifestyle and great affluence, shared the photos today on his Instagram page. 
According to him, the photos are from way back in 2004 when he was not as wealthy as he is now.
One of the photos show him sitting down on a Hummer SUV rocking an Arabian robe. Another photo shows his entire garage which displayed as many as 6 cars.
Social media users have expressed wonder and awe at the fact that E-Money was this rich as far back as 2004 – 14 years ago.
Throwback photos are mostly meant to show a person in their days of suffering and poverty, but E-Money’s throwback photos show him in more wealth than most people can boast of now.
See more photos below:
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