A tail is present in early development in the womb in all of us.

Edit: I had thought it implicit in my answer that we evolved from the same primate ancestors as did apes. We did not evolve from apes, nor did we evolve from monkeys. Modern monkeys, apes and humans (as well as all other primates) evolved separately from the same proto-primate species which lived around 65 million years ago. That we share a common ancestor does not mean we eventually evolved from monkey to ape to human. That we have a coccyx in common with apes does, however, show that ancestors of both apes and humans had tails.

Another edit: The photo above is meant as a representation only, and not as evidence.

Jay Tee

Master Hypnosis Entertainer, Trainer, & Therapist at Professor Jay Tee (2006-present)

31w ago

If there were a “god” it would definitely be an iron.

(You know, one who commits robbery→a robber, commits burglary→a burglar, commits irony→an iron.)

Some kids are indeed born with tails. Seems to be a leftover from improper development (we all had tails in the womb.)

Spectrum of human tails: A report of six cases 
(warning: pics may be disturbing, if so, that’s just too bad)

Extract: ’True human tail arises from the most distal remnant of the embryonic tail. It contains adipose tissue, connective tissue, central bundles of striated muscle, blood vessels and nerves and is covered by skin. 
Bone, cartilage, notochord and spinal cord are lacking. It can move and contract and occurs twice as often in males as in females. None of our patients showed any movement of the tail. 
Unlike the tail of other vertebrates, human tails do not contain vertebral structures. Only one case has been reported with vertebra in human tail.”

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Chris Albertson

31w ago

That is the best rebuttal to creationism. If a god designed the world he must be an incompetent. Either that or a mean spirited prankster.

Perhaps our universe was made by a 12 year old god for a science fair project, hence all the mistakes and inefficiencies?

I think it is more likely that things are exactly the way they appear. A big bang, 14B years ago, stars and planets forming as the universe cooled, life forming on at least one planet and then people from that life. Sometimes things really are the way they seem. No need to invent a slightly incompetent superman who lives in the sky.

Stu Lewis

31w ago

Being created in God’s image does not imply that God has physical attributes (references to such attributes are metaphorical). It means that we are moral beings. Also, being “created” does not deny that this creation was achieved through a long, evolutionary process.

Just Curious

30w ago

Just think of it like this. Is a “tail” really useless? Tail could have functioned as an extra hand, or even developed further, just like other body parts developed. This is a post-facto analysis.

If humans had tails and they were using them perfectly, you would be attributing it still to evolution.

The very fact that different scenarios are justified by same hypothesis or theory, even when starting from similar initial assumptions, show that “theory of evolution” may not be as scientific as you think.

John Grunwell

Fine Artist

31w ago

You’ve hit a (the?) nail on the head. Either humans have a very long lineage of genetic ancestors that extends as far back as little mammals with tails, or yes, even God has a vestigial tale from when He was a little shrew-like God.

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Gerald McDonald

31w ago

“Medical research has shown that the muscles which help us sit or stand, all gain their ability to move us only because they are attached to our fully functional and necessary so called ‘tail bone’ which of course means that human beings do not actually have a useless or even vestigial “tail bone”! The coccyx is fully functional part of the system of bones, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis, that protects and supports the pelvic organs, and contributes to our upright stance and walking. It provides stable anchorage points for ligaments and muscles which is an essential function of all bones. Without this – we don’t move. Bones must never be considered in isolation, since they are part of an integrated musculoskeletal system that supports and protects body organs, and enables us to move.”

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