Vivek Chitale

21w ago

This thing cannot be imagined and even can’t be explain in words, because all these action and reactions, happens in body consciousness. And when you connect with you God, existence of body is negligible. So without any language also communication can happen in form of energy.

Bans Bans Masih

former Self Employed

21w ago

It is not be political correct but the pertinent question is, did Allah ever speak to Mohammed. God of the Bible is really different and most Islamic scholars will say the same. In fact, in some Islamic countries the word god for Allah Is not allowed. God of the Bible does not have to squeeze you three times before you realise it is his angel as described by Mohammed. And then the Koran and Hadiths retell you different things. God does not change, but in Koran there is abrogation and Meccan and medina revelations are different. Mohammed also said his revelations can be interpreted in seven different ways? If that is correct than Allah speaking leaves one in a quandary.
Allah through gibrail perhaps did but no indication that the God of the Bible spoke to him.
And I feel that leaves a question, perhaps we cannot solve, until the last days.

Jay Dimes

Agnostic Atheist (because they answer two different questions)

21w ago

he spoke to him in a fairytale within a fictional book and should not be taken seriously, just like all the others who spake to “god” like Moses or Jesus. ask better questions, like is this actually true and does god actually, factually exist


Mohammed Modather

IT Supervisor at Kaizen Institute Sudan (2018-present)

21w ago

He spoke to him the way he spoke to Moses and Jesus and all prophets. It was revelated to them through Gabriel (the angle) who sent by God.

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