Beauty and Spar: Types of False Eyelashes

Beauty and Spar: Types of False Eyelashes

As many people are fully aware of the glam that falsies can add to their face, there several pairs of these lush eye line decorators to hypnotize your admirers. You can find any of these in any cosmetic shop or market with different designs and volume. Below are some of the major types. See Also: Coconut Oil – Uses And Direct Benefits To The Body Natural false eyelashes

This is most popular in the fashion world because despite being fake; they blend seamlessly with your real eyelashes and appear closer to natural. However, it is quite delicate and should be handled with care. See Also: 15 Things Women With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day Full Volume lashes

full lashes give you bold and edgy appearance, and perfect for theatres and photo shoots make-ups. They’re thicker strips, with more densely packed bristles that make your eye look more dramatic. Long and short lashes

These types have a bold pattern of long and short lashes. Only the tip lenght is it’s biggest distinction. See Also: Hottest Women In The World – The Sexiest And Most Beautiful Individual lashes These sets do not come in strips, rather; they have to be attached individually to the lash line. Applying it takes more time, which is worth it since it looks way more natural than strip eyelashes.

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