5 Signs of imaturity

5 Signs of imaturity

Do you think there is a certain age maturity befriends? Could that be 20, 30, or 40?

Maturity does not have anything to do with age; maturity comes with experience. There are some young people who behave maturely than older ones. What are the signs that show a person is still not mature? Let us examine them. 

1. Listening less and talking more

A person who is not mature always talks and talks. In fact, the one is known as a talkative- presenting himself to the public as being childish. 

2. Over-reactive

Situations need to be handled calmly, not impulsively. A person who responds to situations impulsively is showing that they are not mature because mature people think before they react. 

3. Always defensive  

An immature person does not accept and show respect for another’s point of view. She does not want to accept her wrongs- she is always defensive.

4. Self-absorbed and self-centered

An immature person always wants things that will benefit her only. She is self-centered. A mature person does not think about himself, he does things for the benefits of others too. 

5. Irrational and frantic

Another sign to know a person who does not show maturity is that she is unreasonable, she cannot make decisions on her own and thus, feeling extremely worried. Mature people are not irrational, although it is not easy to make decisions. 

Are you still behaving childishly? You have to strip off that childish behavior and put on the complete suite of maturity.


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How To express Your Feelings to a girl you just met?

How To express Your Feelings to a girl you just met?

Mukul Sharma

Break your heart to make it Strong.

80w ago

There are no steps to explain your feelings. This love is not only blind but retarded. It makes you do things which turns your world upside down but still you enjoy it, trust me every bit of it. Confessing is a difficult task and it takes a lot of courage and patience to do.

So yes, confess your feelings to that girl, all raw. Go to her and ask for your time, and then in one go, speak it all out. Loving was not your mistake, it never is. Say whatever you feel like but don’t force anything on her. It is only her decision what her reply would be.

If she does feel the same, congratulations you are one lucky fella and if it’s a no, welcome to the world of one sided lovers. Whatever is her reply, in both the cases you grow. And in the latter one you get to know the real meaning of love and sacrifice.

Welcome to the WORLD. 🙂

Ozair Shaikh

Mind reader, loves to know different people

120w ago

*this is how i did, by writing a rhyme for her, in a way, a story..!!! *


today is the day, i think i shud express my love

   we started to chat.. i tld her that shes the angel sent frm above

   was abt to tell her hw mch i loved her..

   bt the same moment she asked me abt my fav colour…

i was abt to type balck and white…

    coz thats what i really like..!!

then i thought of something which i felt wud set things right..!!!

i took a pause and began to type…

     i hope she understands whats in my mind..!!

   she asked me again, what the color is…??! and that why am i taking sooo mch of time..

     i asked her for a min… and started to rhyme..!!

and so i started to text..!!

    finally, i was ready with the best..

i said i like the color of her smile…

   the color of her talks…

the color of her heart coz its very pure…

    she smiled and asked me if i was okay…

     i asked her to wait, coz i had something to say

she agreed to wait..

    and so i started again

the color of ua hand

   when it holds me tight

the color of ua cheeks

   when it turns red from white

the color of ua lips

    the one i wanna kiss

the color of ua hair,

    when it swings here and there

the color of ua walk..

    the color of ua eyes

the colour of ua skin..

     they turn me real high

the color of the mark that will stay on my cheeks after u kiss

     the color of the happiness,love and bliss

the color of ua hug

      when u hold me close

the colour of ua giggle

     when i kiss ua nose

the colour of the warmth that will fade neva

    the color of the love, that shall stay forever..!!

by this i was done.. my heart skipped beats..!!

    she sent a text which i was desperate to read…!!

she said she feels special, being liked by me

     and asked if i loved her seriously..!!

i answered her question,

     i guess she was impressed…

     i asked her if she loved me too, and waited badly for a “yess”

Wisey Gyft Mkhulwane

studied at University of Swaziland

7w ago

Be yourself. Unless yourself is a goof, which also might be something she likes.

Whoever said that one should perform gimmicks to make someone like them. Any act or acting that you do to impress a girl you will have to keep doing to sustain it. And if you are stepping out of your normal self in order to impress someone pretty soon you begin to be uncomfortable.

Give her the person she will be stuck and let her make her decision. The sweet part about that is that you being natural will also allow her to be natural. She wont have to put up facades just to impress you also.,

Be yourself. IT doesn’t hurt to pick up a few good habits, like being charming, being sweet, being sensitive, and knowing how to listen. Those are bonuses.

Michelle Lin

I studied psychology, but I still love learning more!

83w ago

It really depends on what your girlfriend’s love languages are.

These are the 5 love languages:

Gifts: Ex. Giving gifts on her birthday, etc.

Words of Affirmation: Ex. Encouragement, compliments, etc.

Quality Time: Ex. Watching a movie together, taking a walk together, etc.

Physical Touch: Ex. Hugs, kisses, etc.

Acts of Service: Ex. Acts of kindness, helping her wash the dishes when she is busy, etc.

If you know your girlfriend’s love languages, then your girlfriend will feel loved; make sure she knows yours too! Talk to her about things that make her feel loved, what kind of things to avoid doing, etc.

Goodluck and I wish the best for you.

Ankita Tibrewal

Senior Executive at Blue Star Limited (2017-present)

82w ago

It totally depends on your relationship. If the girl wants something fancy, something out of the box or is looking for creative kind of proposals then you will have to go an extra mile but if the girl is simple and sweet enough to agree on simple but meaningful things then you will have to cover double miles as this is the tricky part where you will have to remember all those sweet little things which maies her genuinely happy and then compile it to make something meaningful or you can look for some DIY’s . So all the best and congratulations! Hope she says yes.

Krutee Verma

Been there, Done that, and left it far behind

98w ago

People come and go, but you will be there for her always.

Ofcourse, She will meet new people have boy-friends but it will be always be different than what she experiences with you. because there’s a feeling called love and we don’t feel that with everyone.

Spend individual time with her, take her out when its just you and her, tell her how you will be there for her no matter what happens, maintain loyalty by telling her everything, whether good or bad and make her realise that, ask her to tell you everything if she is comfortable, give her time and space to be with friends and family as well, believe in her but not blindly, if something bothers you tell her that it does and ask what to do about it. Talk about it and keep it simple.

Rudra Pratap

Technofreak,artistic and much more…

121w ago

The thing I am going to advice you is very simple but lil hard to do!So listen carefully,if you truly love her just be there for her no matter what.Always be her well wisher in good and bad times!You are not much in contact make more contact!Remember love always starts with friendship,show her what kind of a person you are!Always be there!Be such a important part of her daily life that even if she doesn’t talk to you for a day she should feel something is missing,just be her best friend,eventually she will also fall you!May be it will take little time but be patient!The more you are patient the sweeter is the fruit!!When you feel you are very close to her and she finally knows what kind of a person you are,tell her your feeling!!What you feel no more no less,you will succeed brother!!I hope you get the love of your life and be happy\U0001f60a

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Is this best age difference Okay for a husband and a wife?

Is this best age difference Okay for a husband and a wife?

The age difference should not be big. [Photo/ houseontherockng.com]

Many people are always wishing for successful marriages not keeping in mind the many factors that lead to a successful marriage. Many of us have always ignored the fact that age difference between a husband and a wife plays a big role in the success of their marriage.

Age among many other factors determines how healthy your marriage will be. Many couples are having a lot of problems in their marriage because their age differences do not match, I mean is not good for them to be husband and wife. Therefore, the questions are, “What is the best age for a husband and wife?”

The best age difference between a husband and a wife should be 1 to 9 years, but you can be of the same age too. Many people argue and say that age difference between a husband and wife does not matter, as many things nowadays make people marry each other and live happily together.

This could be true but at the same time wrong. Sometimes people truly love each other and age difference is nothing between them. While other times, being in a compatible age gap with your husband or women could make many things work in your marriage. For example, you will not have maturity issues, sexual life problems and how you see and solve issues. 


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Five tips to make her miss you so much.

Five tips to make her miss you so much.

How to make a woman miss you [Photo/dailymail.co.uk]

Do you feel like she no longer cares or like you are the only person who misses her? Well, let that not be the case anymore by making sure that your woman also misses you like crazy and she cannot wait to spend some time with you.

Make proper use of these five tips and see her crave for you like a piece of chocolate;

Make yourself unavailable

If you are used to seeing her every day, try and reduce to meeting her only three times a week or once a week and see how it goes. If you meet her every day, she will not miss you since you are always available. If she has not seen you for some days, she will want to know how you have been and it will be so refreshing for both of you to meet after some time.

Get busy

Get busy with your life such that you are not always the one to look for her. Let her feel like you have so much to do and that is why you cannot always be available. Do not let her feel like you are the idle guy who has nothing else to do apart from calling her and texting all the time.

Don’t play desperate

You really want her but do not show that you are so desperate to have her lest she will be bored with you. If she insists that she will not manage to show up for a date, do not act so desperately by begging her to spend some time with you. Give her some time to miss you and let her be the one to suggest that you should spend more time together.

Be fun

Do not be that boring boyfriend but always strive to ensure that you are fun to be with. Make her laugh when you are together and do the things that put a smile on her face. If you do this, she will be longing to spend time with you and she will be the one to look for you.

Ignore her calls

When she texts, do not haste to reply or answer her call. This, however, should not be a habit as it can be annoying and you can end up losing her since she will feel that you are no longer interested. Rather, just take some time to respond to her text messages so that she feels the vast of not having you around.

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This Bridal Wedding Dressing Would Shock you..

This Bridal Wedding Dressing Would Shock you..

Did they meet at a night club? And which pastor entertained this kind of wedding? This bride has been trending for wearing “too sexy” dress to her own wedding. The dressing exposed some sensitive areas including her breasts and her belly.
The identity of the couple or where the wedding was help has not yet been ascertained, but since the photo has emerged on the internet, it has received nothing but condemnation, as many have referred to it as scandalous and almost a disrespect to the institution of marriage.

Many others think the wedding dress is a little inappropriate to wear on your wedding day, as many, including male guests and even the officiating priest/pastor could become distracted.
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11 Tricks Women Use On Men

11 Tricks Women Use On Men

A lot of women will use a certain sense of mystery to try to get men to become interested in them. However, a lot of men are going to hate having to deal with women who make it just too hard for them to figure things out. Love is already complicated enough as it is.
And it can be infuriating having to deal with a girl who just makes things even more difficult. But that’s just part of the game. A woman’s mysterious nature is a popular tool for manipulation and control in the power play of relationships. And only the men who are patient and resilient enough will be able to really win her over and get her to open up.

But what if you happen to be the kind of girl who doesn’t know how to play the game? What if you’re not so well-versed on the tricks and tips of the trade? Well, that’s what this article is for. Not to say that you should be wreaking havoc on the lives of men. But you should know how to employ these techniques if you want to gain a man’s interest. You need to be able to convince him that you are a force to be reckoned with and he can’t be taking you lightly.
So don’t worry that you don’t know how to play the game. That’s why you’re here now. You have taken the initiative. You have shown the willingness to learn. And you will be rewarded greatly for it. Here are some common tricks women use on men to get them interested.
1. You flaunt how amazing your life is on social media.
You have an amazing life – and you want him to know about how amazing your life is even when you’re not with him. And so you don’t hesitate to post about the fancy things that you buy for yourself or the nice places that you travel to on your own.
2. You don’t respond to his text messages right away.
You deliberately don’t reply to him right away so that you give him the impression that you’re a busy gal. You don’t want to be giving him all of your time. You don’t want him to think that you’ve been waiting around for his text.
3. You deliberately withhold affection with him.
You don’t want to be giving him everything that you have especially when he hasn’t done anything to earn it yet. You want him to work for whatever affection that you give him. So even if you’re craving to give him your affection, you refrain from doing so.
4. You cry on purpose to see how he would handle it.
You can tell a lot about a man based on how he handles a situation with a crying girl. It’s a great test of character for him.
5. You test him to see where his ego lies.
You feed him compliments about various aspects of his life just to see where his ego lies. You don’t know if he’s egotistical about his looks, his intellect, or his achievements. And you want to find out by feeding him compliments in these areas.
6. You give him the silent treatment to test how he would react.
You can say so many things by saying nothing at all – and not many guys are able to understand that. And you want to make sure that he does.
7. You feign helplessness so that he can come and help you out.
You don’t really need his help – but you want to see how far he’s willing to go just to help you. And so you will feign a little helplessness to test him out. You want to see if he’s really got your back. You want to know if he’s really someone you can rely on to be there for you.
8. You tell him that “you’re fine” without any follow-up.
You want to know if he’s the kind of guy who knows how to read between the lines. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up with a dense guy who can’t go deep with you.
9. You give him affection out of the blue.
If you employ the “withhold affection” manipulation technique on him, then this is a great follow-up. You give him affection out of the blue and see that he’s going to be so thankful for it. And he’s going to treat you so much better than usual because of it.
10. You flirt with other men in front of him.
You don’t want him to think that he has you locked down. You don’t want him to think that he has you in his pocket. And so you flirt with other guys to make him think that he has to continually work for your love and attention.
11. You rehash old arguments to start up some drama.
Sometimes, when things are getting a little boring in a relationship, you might try to stir up some drama just for the fun of it. It’s your way of keeping things interesting. You don’t want to be making things too easy for him.
Men, speak up
Do you agree? Talk to me in the comments below!
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