My Ex Husband Churchill Squatted In My House After Our Wedding – Tonto Dikeh

My Ex Husband Churchill Squatted In My House After Our Wedding – Tonto Dikeh

By Dovadje Dickson

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed that her estranged husband, Oladunni Olakunle Churchill, squatted in her house after their wedding.

Tonto made the revelation in an episode of her reality show on the recently launched Linda Ikeji TV.

According to Tonto, her ex-husband who gave out millions of Naira to some selected members of the Nigerian National female football squatted with her after their marriage.

Tonto said; “When I got married, we couldn’t afford a house. We stayed in my house in Lagos. Even when I traveled to America, he remained in my house.”

Tonto, got married to Oladunni Churchill in 2015 but their union crashed two years later.

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This Braids Would amaze you… 2018 – Latest Nigerian Brading

This Braids Would amaze you… 2018 – Latest Nigerian Brading

Latest Fashion Update…. 2018

African braids look stylish, give your hair a rest and can provide protection. There are a variety of braids to choose from and so many different ways to style them. If you are looking for a new braided style we are here to help. We have found 23 trendy ways to rock African braids. There is a hair idea for everyone from statement updos to summery braids with beads. 

1. African Braids with Chunky Beads

The first hairstyle we would like to share with you is this braided look with beads. This style has thin cross over braids on the top of the head while the rest of the hair is loose. There are also chunky beads too. We love this look and you can recreate it with different beads.

.: @fancy_claws
2. Long, Ombre African Braids

Brighten up your hair with ombre braids. These braids start off dark and then blend into a burgundy tone. We love the color used but you can have braids with any color. You can have vibrant or natural shades. Ombre braids can also be styled into buns, half-up hairstyles and more.

.: @sylviahair
3. Braided Half-Up Bun

Next, we have a braided half-up style. Half the hair is braided and the rest has been put up into a bun. The bun looks great and shows the funky braids underneath. This hairstyle is perfect for someone who wants a trendy new look. Ombre braids would look amazing with a style like this too!

.: @sandrasbraids
4. Creative Feed in Braids

Want a braided style that will wow? Then you need to check out this next hairstyle. The hair has been braided onto one side with a crossover feature at the front. This is a gorgeous hair idea and it would be great for special occasions. You could even add some braid cuffs or beads.

.: @fancy_claws
5. Zig Zag Lemonade Braids

Our next pick features a trendy zig zag pattern. The pattern is very intricate, neat and stylish. A statement making braided look like this will suit anyone. It would look amazing with different colors braided into it too. You can have long or short braids for a style like this.

.: @braidsby_trina
6. Elegant Ghana Braid Bun

Braided buns look very chic. This next style features a braided low bun. A hairstyle like this would be perfect for occasions like weddings and parties. It would also be great for vacations. You can have a similar style with a higher bun too. We love this protective hair idea!

.: @classic_onidiri
7. Long Side Swept Braids

Side braids look so cute! Next, we have long braids that have been placed on one side. The other side has a stylish pattern while the braids have braid cuffs and beads. You can recreate this style or choose shorter braids. A style like this would be perfect for the summer.

.: @nisaraye
8. Jumbo Box Braids

Next, we have two amazing ideas! Here we have jumbo box braids that have been styled in two different ways. Either hairstyle looks amazing and will give anyone a trendy updated look. You can add beads and braid cuffs to braid like these too.

.: @misskenk
9. Trendy Cornrows

Our next hair idea features trendy cornrows. We love how neat and stylish the pattern is. You can have cornrows braided into any pattern with long or short braids. Hair like this will suit anyone and it would be great for summer. Different colors would look amazing too.

.: @mslafitness
10. Statement Making Updo

Looking for a statement updo for a special occasion? Then this hair idea is for you! The hair has been braided into thin intricate braids and styled into a round updo. This hairstyle is amazing and will wow everyone. The braids have been accessorized and you can do this too, maybe in colors of your choice.

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Why you should never use ginger for some health issues

Why you should never use ginger for some health issues

Never Use Ginger If You Have Any of These Conditions – It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Ginger root is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive superfood.

The spice is recommended as a natural medicine for many physical ailments due to its nutrients and health-supporting phytochemicals.

There are situations, however, in which ginger is a less-than-optimal supplement to your diet and can exacerbate an already existing problem.

When To Avoid Ginger Root

Here are some of the situations in which ginger should be avoided because of their risks.

1. Blood Disorders

Ginger root is a blood anti-coagulant that promotes circulation. In the case of some blood conditions like hemophilia (in which blood coagulation does not occur properly), thinner blood can exacerbate the condition, making a small cut into a possibly life-threatening hemorrhage.

Beneficial due to exactly these effects for cardiovascular diseaserheumatoid arthritis, and high cholesterol, it’s best to avoid ginger if you have a blood condition without discussing it first with your healthcare provider.

2. Taking Prescription Medications

A pharmaceutical is formulated to address a specific symptom and is designed to work in a certain way in the body. Drugs come with lists of warnings and potential side effects.

Because ginger root has medicinal properties, some pharmaceuticals don’t mix well with it. So to prevent any risks, side-effects, read the warnings and inform yourself as much as you can for your own safety.

Ginger is a natural blood thinner and reduces blood pressure; it also regulates blood sugar (1). Taken together with medication that is designed to do the same can mean too much of a good thing. Hence, ginger should not be taken with anticoagulants, beta blockers, aspirin, or insulin.

A list of drugs known to negatively interact with ginger can be found here.

3. Pregnancy

Ginger root tea in early pregnancy has been found to relieve nausea and vomiting.

After the first trimester, however, ginger root should be taken infrequently in very small doses (if at all) because it can induce uterine contractions (2). This, in turn, may result in premature delivery or miscarriage.

On the other hand, it can be usedful when your delivery date has passed and you’re ready to meet your little one face to face.

4. Being Underweight

Ginger stimulates digestion, which is why it is so effective against an upset stomach and other gastrointestinal issues.

If you are significantly underweight, you want to slow digestion and absorb as many nutrients as you can from the food you eat.

High fiber content in ginger root moves foods through the digestive system and other compounds in the root can raise metabolism and promote weight loss.

Ginger Substitutes

If you find yourself in one of these categories, there are other spices you can use for flavor and/or medicinal properties.

For flavor, try substituting paprika (dried ground peppers) and whole peppers—either cayenne or sweet, depending on your taste.

Paprika can be found in different varieties with spiciness ranging from mild to hot. It contains all the nutrition of a whole pepper and is very versatile in cooking.

With significant amounts of iron, vitamins A, B6, and E, paprika has a lot to offer. Plus, one of the antioxidant phytonutrients in paprika is capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory agent known for healing the digestive system.

You may also try cardamom, with its rich savory flavor, nutrition, and supportive effects. Cardamom neutralizes acid, aids digestion, and tastes great in coffee.

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Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Second Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Second Facial Cosmetic Surgery

King Tonto Dikeh is gradually recreating herself with the help of cosmetic doctors in Nigeria, she has had bum enlargement and frontal enlargement too, her most recent adventure is altering her face a tad bit to make it appear more beautiful to the eyes, see her before and after photo below:
This is Tonto Dikeh before she did surgical magic to her face:

This is Tonto Dikeh’s new face after the magical transformation:

We are glad Tonto is doing what makes her happy!

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