Why Harry and Meghan’s kids Cent be Royals

Why Harry and Meghan’s kids Cent be Royals

They may be two of the most prestigious members of the royal family, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s future childrenwon’t be entitled to a prince or princess title.

Now that the loved-up royals have married, speculation is turning to when the duo will become a trio – particularly since they’ve made no secret of their plans to start a family sooner rather than later.

But unless an exception is made by the Queen herself, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s future children won’t be HRHs or prince and princesses.

What title will Harry and Meghan’s future children have? Photo: Getty

Prince and Princess and HRH statuses are only reserved for children or grandchildren of the Monarch.

Prince George’s was the exception as his father, Prince William is in line to be king.

The Queen actually issued a new Letters Patent when Princess Charlotte was born to give her the same title as her brother.

If she didn’t, the now Princess Charlotte would have been known as Lady Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor.

However, with Kate and Wills welcoming their third child in April, Prince Harry has been pushed down to sixth in the line of succession, meaning it’s highly unlikely his future child will be the Monarch.

Prince George’s was the exception as his father, Prince William is in line to be king. The Queen actually issued a new Letters Patent when Princess Charlotte was born to give her the same title as her brother. Photo: Getty Images

It also means that should Prince Charles take over from his mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s future kids could eventually become a prince or princess, as their grandfather would be king.

So, what will their royal titles be? Well, as Queen has bestowed Harry with a Dukedom, he and Meghan are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, meaning their children will likely be given lord or lady titles.

Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie Countess of Wessex’s children are entitled to prince and princess titles because their father is the son of the Queen, however they decided to shun tradition.

Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie Countess of Wessex’s children are entitled to prince and princess titles because their father is the son of the Queen, however they decided to shun tradition. Photo: Getty Images

When their daughter, Lady Louise Windsor was born, she was eight in line to the throne, but her parents decided to give her a lady title instead of princess.

Likewise, their son James was named James Alexander Philip Theo and is known as Viscount Severn.


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See photo of bride who was attacked by Crocodile .finally the crocodile was caught and killed

See photo of bride who was attacked by Crocodile .finally the crocodile was caught and killed


Colossus Gists  – Zimbabwe game rangers have killed the crocodile which attacked newly-wed, Zanele Ndlovu-Fox, just five days to her wedding and battered her right arm. This was confirmed via a statement released to the media.

“We have since managed to track and kill the crocodile because since it tasted human blood, it was bound to be a problem,” said Tinashe Farawo, spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The killer crocodile viciously attacked Zanele Ndlovu five days before her wedding to British man, Jamie Fox, as they were canoeing an inflatable boat with other tourists on the Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls.

It is reported that the crocodile punctured their boat and then grabbed Ndlovu’s arm and repeatedly tried to drag her under the water…..


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See what this pastor did to a lady..

See what this pastor did to a lady..

Pastor takes off lady panties in church all in the name of prayers..

Lady whose pant was removed by a Pastor finally reacts

The lady in the viral pictures showing a ‘pastor’ taking off her pants during deliverance has spoken out. In a Facebook post, Pieseh Asamoah Gift revealed that the pictures were from a Ghanaian movie they were shooting.

She wrote:

”It a movie not a church as some people are saying, pls stop spreading false news Am an actress and it my work to give a practical education to the world Actress maame fante once told me acting is also in a form of spreading the word of God Basically,acting is just the practical aspect of evangelism..

Who knows?some church secretly might be going through if not same a similar situation And I strongly believe that every Christian who is having a similar experience, after watching the movie will come back to her/his senses. Instead of spreading false news to the world let help share the truth to save.

The movie is already on the market go grab a copy thank you Movie title “Pastor Blinks” Production name”Phens Multimedia” Role in the movie: church secretary Picture below is some of the behind the scenes of vs 3&4 of “pastor blinks”.

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Meet the Young Richest teens in Nigeria

Meet the Young Richest teens in Nigeria

There are a lot of teenagers in Nigeria who already are incredibly rich, some of them earned their wealth through their jobs, while some are lucky to have wealthy parents. So, who is the richest teenager in Nigeria? Find out the answer in our post!
Richest people in Nigeria who are in their teenage years
Today, a Nigerian teen can earn millions – but in reality, this is not for everyone. Of course, even if you are not a son or daughter of the billionaire, you definitely have to be privileged with some family connections that will help you to start out on your desired platform. Here, you will find out who is the richest celebrity in Nigeria in her/his teenage years, and learn more about the wealthy teens.

Regina Daniels, photo from ayola.tv
Regina Daniels, the young actress and daughter of Rita Daniels
This young and charming teenager is only 17 years old, but she is already a famous actress, producer, and model. She was born on October 10th, 2000, into the family of the actress Rita Daniels, who is also a Chairwoman of the Delta State’s Actors Guild of Nigeria. Regina has definitely inherited her hardworking nature and acting talent from her mother. The young star says that she has been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a little girl. She was definitely lucky, as Nigeria has one of the most developed movie industries in Africa, and there is always a place for child actors.
Regina Daniels started her movie career at the age of seven when she got a role in the movie “Marriage of Sorrow”, produced by the Pressing Forward Productions studio. Her mother supported her the entire way, and probably shared a lot of acting secrets with her. Regina originally had a fee of only 10,000 Naira for a movie. Currently, her fee is reported to be 500,000 Naira per movie, and all Nollywood producers want to have this beautiful actress in their movies.
The most popular movies of Regina Daniels are “The Jericho”, “The Bat-Man”, “Stronger than the Gods”, “Jaja the Great”, and many others. She also produced some of her movies, like “The Jericho”, and “Twins Apart”. She received a lot of recognition for her acting. For instance, she got a nomination from City People Movie Award as Best Supporting Actress, as well as Most Promising Actress. She also became a winner of several awards for her roles at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
Even though she is so famous, she has not forgetting about education. For secondary education, she combined studies at Hollywood International School Asaba in Delta State with acting. Now, she is a student of Igbinedion University Okada in Edo State. Aside for acting and studying, Regina also does a lot of charity work, and at 17, she already has her own organization called Regina Daniels Foundation. This shows how much she cares about people who are less successful than her. The organization is mostly aimed at helping physically challenged people.
According to the various websites, the net worth of this teenage actress is estimated at $350,000. Surely, her mother is quite known in the acting world, but she definitely reached her success not only thanks to her but because of her perseverance and outstanding talent. She is now the richest celebrity in Nigeria who is in her teenage years. If she continues working hard, she will build an absolutely amazing career.
Fewa Otedola, son of billionaire Femi Otedola
Femi Otedola is a businessman who works in the oil and gas and is the chairman of Forte Oil Plc. Together with his wife Nana Otedola, he has three daughters – Florence Ifeoluwa popularly known as DJ Cuppy, Christine Olawunmi, and Elizabeth Temi. His only son and youngest child is 16 years old Fewa.
Fewa Otedola is a young man with special needs, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is very close to his older sister Temi, who shared a touching story about her brother on last year’s World’s Autism Awareness Day. Temi said that she always admired the way her mother helped Fewa with simple daily tasks, and eventually she embraced the role of a caring older sister. According to Temi, Fewa does not need sympathy, he is an independent person, who is also kind, genuine, and caring. She said that she never saw Fewa’s autistic disorder as a disability, it is a part of things that make him who he is. Fewa Otedola’s family does not view his autism as a negative thing and considers him to be a genuine and lovely person.
Fewa Otedola is the richest teenager in Nigeria Even though Femi Otedola has lost a lot of his money recently due to Nigeria’s recession, his net worth is still estimated to be $550 million, so Fewa can be considered one of the richest young people in Nigeria.
Fewa Otedola, photo from tori.ng
You have learned about the richest teenagers in Nigeria. These people already have a huge fortune, either earned or inherited from their rich parents.
Source: Naija.ng
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See Pretty Shots of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Okolie family background

See Pretty Shots of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Okolie family background

It is never a bad time to talk about Mercy Johnson, Nigeria’s favourite actress. Today, we want to talk a little bit more about Mercy Johnson family background, her relationships with her parents, siblings, husband and children. If you are up for this, then strap in and let’s go! We will give you all the facts.

Mercy Johnson family

Mercy Johnson biography begins all the way back on August 28, 1984. On that day, she was born in a loving Christian family of Daniel and Elizabeth in Lagos. Her mother, who worked as a trader, and her father, who was in the navy, both came from Kogi State.

Even though her parents loved her very much and wanted to give her the best they could, they could not shield her from their constant family drama. The actress recalled in one of her interviews that quarrels were frequent in their household.

In addition to the tense atmosphere, the family also had to move around the country a lot because of Mr. Johnson’s involvement in the navy. The financial situation was not always great, to say the least. At times, things were so bad that the Johnsons had to sleep in an unfinished building with rain seeping through the cracks and lizards running all over the place.

Nevertheless, Mercy was able to successfully juggle her studies and several part-time jobs to help out her family. In the end, she managed to receive quality education and not let her kin hit rock bottom. After she finished school, Mercy decided to venture into acting and boy, was that a good decision.

As you probably know, the big break for Mercy Johnson came with the movie The Maid. Ever since that movie, she has been among top Nollywood actresses. Her growing career allowed her to support her parents and give them a life they deserved. These days, the actress still has a very close relationship with her family, and everything seems to have turned out fine in the end.

Mercy Johnson brothers and sisters

You might have noticed that we have not mentioned whether Mercy has any siblings. Well, she has six of them, three younger brothers and three older sisters. Growing up as the middle child, Johnson was able to find more common ground with her brothers, as was a very active and rather tomboyish child.

When things were tough for their family, all siblings pitched in to help. Everyone did whatever they could, from selling sachet water with moin moin to laying bricks, just so that everyone could eat and have a roof over their head.

These days, it is hard to tell how their lives have turned out. None of Mercy’s siblings has tried to live off her fame in any way, moreover, none of them ever appear in the public eye. That is why we know nothing about any of them, not even their names. However, we hope that they are all still just as close now as they were back then.

Mercy Johnson husband

We could not talk about Mercy Johnson family background without mentioning the family that she has made for herself. For almost 7 years now, she has been Mercy Johnson-Okojie. In August 2011, the world saw Mercy Johnson wedding, when the actress married Prince Odianosen Okojie. It was a wonderful ceremony, and Mercy’s parents seemed thrilled about their daughter’s big day. Her mother’s speech was a real tear jerker!

Ever since that day, Mercy has not stopped gushing about her hubby. We think that there is not a single interview where she does not mention her wonderful loving husband. The actress looks positively glowing in their lovey-dovey couples’ photos, and it is evident that the two make a perfect couple.

There was one time back in January 2018, when Mercy and her husband gave fans a scare. For some reason, all of the photos of Mr. Okoje disappeared from the actress’ Instagram page, which pushed fans towards speculation as to whether everything was fine in the Johnson-Okoje household.

Thankfully, Mercy was quick to respond, as she put everyone’s mind at ease with a new photo. It turned out that it was just a regular old cleanse, where she deleted old pictures to make way for the newer and prettier ones.

Other than that, it seems that there is no trouble in their paradise. You can see from the pictures that they love each other very much, and that nothing is going to tear them apart. Prince Okoje has made our Mercy very happy!

Mercy Johnson children

Bu you know what makes Mercy Johnson even happier? Her lovely children! And she has three of them. She had her first daughter Purity Ozioma on December 20, 2012, little Henry on October 15, 2014 and her youngest daughter Angel on December 11, 2015.

After receiving quite a backlash for not spacing out her pregnancies, Mercy finally decided to give her body a break before the next big thing, as she wants to have twin boys. Instead, she is currently focusing all of her attention on the adorable kids she already has.

Thanks to all the people that have surrounded Mercy over the years, she has become the person she is today. A vibrant, talented actress with the heart of gold who probably has enough love in her for every person she comes across. Nollywood is lucky to have her!

Source: Naija.ng

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Father talks of how his daughter seduced him

Father talks of how his daughter seduced him

She was the was the one who seduced me, she kissed me and I warned her. A particular day, she grabbed me and was trying to have sex with me. I beat her up but later I fell for it and slept with her. It was the devil that made me to fall.

Those were the words of a 50-year-old man, Taiwo Oyelabi arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for sleeping with and Impregnating his daughter, Nibila, 21.

According to the suspects, his daughter started leaving with him seven-months-ago after his sister brought her back from France.

Oyelabi said Nibila and her twin were abandoned by their mum when they were two-year-old, adding that his siblings took them from him until last November when she was brought home.

Church, where they performed deliverance.

“But after that, he said, I slept with her four more times. It was not four straight times.  We were leaving together and I decided that she needed to learn a skill to keep her occupied. I took her to a place where they produce nylons for her to learn and I paid for it.

“But after two weeks, she repeated the same action again and we slept together. Then, I am a security man at Obadore. Each night I want to go to work, she would say she cannot sleep alone that she was scared.

“So, I used to take her to my workplace and we would also have sex at night there. It was my landlord who leaked the news of our sexual affairs. He did it because we had an argument.

“I did not know that my daughter was already pregnant. She was three months and few weeks gone. I am not the one who deflowered her. She was not a virgin when we started sleeping together. She had a man friend, Azeez.

“I do not think I am responsible for her pregnancy because I was not the only one sleeping with her.

I wanted to commit suicide when I learnt of the pregnancy. I tried to kill myself three times but people stopped me.

“The first time I tried to drink Snipper insecticide but a neighbour stopped me. I later jumped into a well but I was rescued alive. Then, I bought some drugs but people saw it and they collected it. It was the devil that led me to it.”

According to Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal, the suspect was arrested by operatives attached to Igando Police Station, adding that the matter was later referred to gender section of the command for detailed investigation.

The Nation

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