The murder of Nigerian singer, Alizee and her 4-year old daugther continues to generate more reactions across the country.With her ‘white’ husband Peter Nielsen being the prime suspect, entertainment consultant Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor who once worked with Alizee has written perhaps the most sincere tribute.

He wrote, 

I worked with her and the team at some point, a lot of people screaming, shouting and posting tributes, never believed or supported her career in anyway, all of the blogs posting her news for free, didn’t do so in her lifetime.

Now she is late everyone all of a sudden is screaming for justice and all, not that it is wrong, but if she had this level of support from everyone, maybe just maybe she would have had the courage to escape an abusive marriage.

She is dead and gone all of your support is plain hypocrisy, of what use is it to her and the dead child. Off cos the man will go to jail and life will go on. I have said it before when I die family only, cremate me and move on with your life, no need for long epistle(s), when I was hungry non gave me food, when I was homeless there was no shelter from all the hypocrites, live your life, please non but you and your God.
RIP Alizee Zainab

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