Seemingly normal things we do may be the cause of the cavities, pain, inability to chew and weak teeth too many of us experience. So, beware of the following:

1. Snacking all the time

Most of what we snack on are sugary foods. So, if you must snack, choose carrots, nuts or an apple.

2. Drinking white wine

The mild, golden colour of this wine makes it seem like a safe bet in comparison to red wine. Yet, it is just very acidic, eating away at the enamel and causing yellow teeth.

3. Drinking coffee
Some say that they can’t function without a cup of coffee. Well, drinking coffee so often causes teeth discoloration just like smoking. So, you ought to cut down your intake.

4. Bulimia

Eating disorders like bulimia in which one may binge on food for a while and then withdraw, usually followed by bouts of vomiting can have adverse effects on the teeth. Vomit is so acidic that it can erode the teeth if it happens frequently.

5. Feeding your baby at night

Of course, you should feed your baby whenever the need arises but leaving your baby with a bottle of formula overnight can damage the milk teeth due to the sugar content.

6. Chewing your pen

It may be unconscious but if you don’t pay more attention to this habit then you risk chipping your teeth off little by little.

7. Drinking fruit juice
You may think it is healthy but remember that sugar is usually added. If you want some juice, it is best you squeeze it yourself.

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In Nigeria, seeing a dentist every 6 months, replacing a toothbrush after 3 months and flossing after each meal may seem like oyinbo attitude but it will help in the long run. Who says you can’t be 90 years old and still have all your teeth intact?

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